how can i delete viruses?

i have a numerous amount of viruses and my computer is going very slowly and the programs wont respond. can anyone give me tips?

Did I get a good deal with this laptop for £800? Manufacturer refurbished UK?

I know very little about computers, and was asking my brother’s advice on buying a new one so he suggested this dell xps one he found from an ebay seller. I’ll just copy and paste what the laptop has in it: - 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7-2760QM processor 2.40 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.50 [...]

How to see emojis on Instagram on Android?

My friend has emojis in his bio and I can’t see them on my Android (Galaxy S3) is there a way I could see them or an app to get that I would be able to see emojis on? Thanks so much!!(:

what pc laptop should i get?

i want a laptop thats small and light, but i dont want those extremely small ones. i would be using it for school purposes (im in high school). i want a laptop that is fast, can edit movies, itunes..etc. i would appreciate any help. please suggest a laptop brand, or even better, a specific [...]

When you update to iOS 6?

I just got the beta version of iOS 6. I was wondering if a new beta version comes out can I update it over my phone since you can update over the phone?

Why is there no way to synchronise Yahoo Calendar with an android?

I can’t believe that there’s no simple way to sync Yahoo calendar with an android smartphone. Someone must have a way other than using google?

Norton security a scam? or virus?

I downloaded a game and it asked me if i wanted to install norton security and i said hell why not, after i did a free scan from norton it told me my computer had 14 viruses, I didnt want to buy norton to fix it since i already had avast antivirus installed, I did a scan with avast anti-virus [...]


Guys..I am purchasing a laptop and i need a good 1 with my basic needs in it as following: 1) Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Turion X2 or equivalent with 2.0 Ghz or abv 2) 2Gb RAM or abv 3) 250 or 320 Gb Harddisk 4) nVidia or ATI graphics card with 256 or 512mb Dedicated VideoRAM [the card should b [...]

Is there a texting/chatting app that supports Android, iPhone and Blackberry?

My friends and I want to do group texting/chatting, but the problem is that we all have completely different phones. What’s the best app to use that’s available for all 3 devices? Maybe even Windows phones too?

Which is the best android phone for me?

I am 13 years old and i am looking for a good ANDROID phone for my self. (Any Phone Company.) Maximum prize should be close £100 or less. (Or just a bit more) The deal should be: Just phone or SIM free with £10 top up – or something like that. I am living in the UK (London & [...]
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