what laptop should I get to download and play maplestory well?

Well my birthday is coming up and I heard from friends how maplestory is fun and all,but they said it takes up a lot of memory.So can you guys suggest me a laptop that can download maplestory and plays it really well?Thnx guys and plz suggest laptops that arent tooo expensive like thos [...]

i want to do some work on net related to some editing, specially creating slide shows with background music..?

i m very creative in taking shots, snaps n nature photography.. i can even make gr8 slide shows with attractive texts n background music.. i want to use my creativity .. n earn some money.. please suggest me..

Changing anti-virus software?

I am changing my anti-virus software from McAfee to a free anti-virus system (not sure which yet) and I’ve been told that I must install the free anti-virus before my McAfee expires. I am not sure about this as I am sure when I tried to do this when I was changing from Norton to McAfee that [...]

Will a regular desktop fan cool down my laptop?

Will having my MacBook Pro on a hard smooth surface (MacBook Pro box) and having a regular desktop fan blowing at my computer cool down my laptop?


okay so me and this guy have been talking since last friday, i have a huge crush on him he always comes up to me and starts a conversation, always says hi first and smiles there’s days where he doesn’t talk much and days where he just blabs away .. we always take the bus together and he sits [...]

Is design, architecture etc. of Android Froyo same for different phone models? Is Android Froyo same for all?

Is exactly same Android Froyo flashed and installed in different phone models like Samsung, HTC etc. Can i flash rom and install Froyo of Samsung to HTC?

What free virus software can I use?

i have Windows 7 and use Microsoft essentials but i fear i have something on my computer that its not detecting..before i reset the computer back to day 1 is there any free virus/malware i can use that may sort the problem out?

Should I get an ipad or laptop?

I am a uni student living at home with a brand new desktop already (around $1000 australian dolars) and I want a portable device that I can take with me. I was thinking the ipad because of the education apps, calendar, photos, movies and of its lightweight. However I was thinking a laptop [...]

Parents don’t understand!?

Ok so here’s the story. I am 15 and really want a cell phone. I have been asking my parents for at least a year, maybe more. But here’s the problem: Every time I try to sit down and talk to them about it they say, “A 15 year old does not need a cell phone!!!!” I try to explain to them I [...]

Android apps that let me take access or take files from my friend’s phone?

I remember on old mobiles, there used to be a bluetooth thing that let us access others phones. is there an app like ths for android?
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