How to anti-virus on Facebook?

My Facebook have virus but I do not know how to delete or anti-virus. Can you help me??? Thanks. I have click like for the message from anyone and my Facebook had been virus. I think my facebook had been virus because it run very slow and appear message from my facebook pages to my friends [...]

Buying a new laptop, which brand is best?

I have an ACER right now but im unhappy with it, Im getting kinda upset with it. :/ I’m looking between a Sony Vaio, Toshiba, and HP. I use laptops for school, photoshop, sony vegas, music, movies, adobe after effects, lots of art and designing things. I was thinking of a Sony Vaio would be [...]

is it possible to cancel an order i made online after i’ve already ordered it?

i went to a website to buy some intimate clothing for plus size women, but i think i ordered a couple of sizes too big. i ordered it after the hours it closed (later than 5 pm), on a friday. it says it’s closed during the weekend but i don’t want to be stuck with clothing that’s too big. will [...]

can I get free music on an android phone?

im considering getting an android, but only if i can get free music on it

i want to buy a gaming laptop!!!?

i want a budget gaming laptop to play games like arkham origins at low settings 30 fps is good, dead pool, watch dogs !!!! my budget is 45000rs best if you help me from if not then please suggest a laptop with their url.

Will the Alcatel onetouch 983 be getting Android 4.4 KitKat?

Hi I heard that Android 4.4 will work on older devices with 512mb ram but will it work on my Alcatel onetouch 983 phone with Android gingerbread and 512mb ram?

what’s a virus?( illness)?

is a virus the same as a cold or flu? I never really get what it is when someone says, “oh I caught a virus?” best answer gets 10 points!!!

Which laptop should I buy?

I want to buy laptop… I have budget of 50k.. I have searched one laptop hp envy 5213.. Please suggest…

Do I need a permit to have a yard sale in St. Louis City?

voip android app over 3g ( south africa)?

I’m traveling to south africa soon and I’d like to use a local simcard with unlimited data once there. I plan to get an unlimited data tarrif then use a voip app to call back home in the uk.what network in south africa has the best 3G coverage? also what is the best VOIP app for android that [...]
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