Which laptop should I buy?

I want to buy laptop… I have budget of 50k.. I have searched one laptop hp envy 5213.. Please suggest…

Do I need a permit to have a yard sale in St. Louis City?

voip android app over 3g ( south africa)?

I’m traveling to south africa soon and I’d like to use a local simcard with unlimited data once there. I plan to get an unlimited data tarrif then use a voip app to call back home in the uk.what network in south africa has the best 3G coverage? also what is the best VOIP app for android that [...]

Suggest me a gaming laptop under 800$?

I want to buy a gaming laptop with decent specs. But my budget is 800$ max. Suggest me one and please post the links too..

$131 greyhound ticket from ONT traveling to BC?

that cant be right can it, also how long is the bus ride from ont to bc

Does the android App Store have calengoo?

Can someone check their android phone and tell me if the android store have calengoo google calendars

Laptop sound after virus, help!?

So I think my laptop picked up a virus, because it has been acting weird, I’ve been running my AVG Anti-Virus like crazy so thankfully I can still get on the internet and to my files and etc. Only thing is that the sound is messed up. The little volume icon dissapeared from toolbar, when I [...]

what laptop should i get that’s good for PC-gaming??

i wanna buy a laptop that’s really good for gaming, games like Crysis, Battlefield, Gears of War, Bioshock and games like that. please suggest me some laptops that’s really good!! Thanks A Lot!!!! I Really Appreciate It ^_^ !!!

iPhone virus, help quick!?

My AVG anti-virus software is saying that I have a trojan from something from apple. I got rid of it all and then when I tried to plug my phone into my laptop it didn’t connect it. The driver was missing, so I re installed it and as just as it was about to finish it came up and said their is [...]

What is the best Mac laptop?

I’m interested in buying a mac laptop for my room and I don’t have a budget. It doesn’t necessarily need to have a web cam, I just want a good mac.
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