Shall I get a new laptop?

Hello. I have a laptop, and it’s getting a bit old now. I have had it fit around a 2 years… And I use it quite often. I play a game called minecraft, and in single player it lags. It randomly disconnects to the Internet at random times and this is annoying, especially when I am in skype calls [...]

Is it ok for an 11 year old boy to take a tylenol 500 (pill)?

Just wondering My friend gave the pills to us, and there is no bottle to read

Wifi connection fine on laptop but not on my android phone!?

I thought there was a problem with my Wifi connection so turned on my laptop to try and fix it through there. However it works perfectly on my laptop, just not on my android phone! I’ve tried turning my phone off, removing the wifi connection from saved networks and then adding it again, [...]

whats the best anti virus program?

ive got avg a anti virus program my computer has a spyware or something like that on it (im using my friends computer)

Buying new laptop: Advice?

Hi all. Looking for some advice. I have finally decided to retire my Dell D600 from 2004… If you have any advice on suggested laptop models, please reply. Thanks in advance! Criteria are below: - under $1000 - 13 to 15 inch screen - 4 GB ram - at least 1GB dedicated graphics card - cd/dvd [...]

University: Applied statistics question help please?

Hi, I’m having difficulty with the last part of this question and was wondering if somebody could help me out a little bit. If you do know how to answer this, could you also possibly add some comments and why you chose the methods you did please? Thanks in advance. Please note that I only [...]

people who have android on their phones?

i have an HTC legend and i have android on my phone, there are many apps that i want to download but they want many things to do with controlling my phone. For example, when i try to download certain apps it says ‘this application has access to the following: Your location Network [...]

get rid of my virus ?

i want to get rid of my virus and make my computer faster is there any wa i can do that without useing a software

networking between pcs and a laptop?

hi friends, i have a laptop and 5 pcs, i made sharing through laptop but it wont display the systems which r in network. but all my 5 pcs displays the laptop is in network. but i cant login to that laptop. please suggest me some tips to make networking between laptop and pcs….

Why does my blackberry overheat when it is off?

Since I attend school and there is a no electronics rule, I keep my blackberry 9300 off and in my bag. However, when I check on it, sometimes it is warm and gets my calculator warm. (My blackberry shares a pocket with my calculator and nothing else) I find this quite odd because it has [...]
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