if we have androids in the future would you date one?

what do you think having an android for a girlfriend or boyfriend

How important is anti virus for android?

I’ve recently bought an android smartphone, and a friend of mine who has an android smartphone has Avast anti-virus on the phone so I figured I should download it as well.. But lately I’ve realised the anti virus draines my battery a lot.. Is it important to have it like on a [...]

Help deciding on laptop to buy?

Hey guys, I’ve been researching on which laptops to buy. I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to this Toshiba Satellite A505-S6005 Laptop. http://laptops.toshiba.com/laptops/satellite/A500/A505-S6005 Before I actually buy it, can anyone suggest laptops that has similar price and specs as the [...]

did I make a good choice with buying a Samsung s4?

ok so just today, I ordered a Samsung galaxy s4. I currently have an iPhone 4s and love it! Ive had it for 2 and a half years (3years contract in Canada) and was eligible for an upgrade. The only reason why I love apple is because of iTunes and iTunes store. I payed 0$ for my Samsung and want [...]

Are there any android phones below LKR.15,000 ?

Im looking for a android phone, It should be a touch phone and it should be below LKR.15,000

Can you send a virus through email?

I have recently had a virus on my computer, which has since been sorted. However before I became aware of the virus I had sent several emails out to friends. One or two had links to legitimate sites. I’m now concerned that the virus may have been transfered to them. Is this possible? Any [...]

Computer cannot connect to the internet proxy problem IT help?

Ok so i downloaded proxy switchy in an attempt to change my ip and then manually inputed an american ip into the ip changer from hidemyass.com, and then after that no pages would loafd in my internet (page not availiable) and my avast security would say malicious url blocked, tried reseting [...]

Can i install ANDROID on an LG phone?

I have an LG BL40 New Chocolate Unlocked and i am wondering if i can get a different operating system (preferably android)

AVG ANTI virus is it any good ?

HI How good is the free AVG anti virus edition 8 ?? , just wondered compared with norton etc.

Which Laptop would you prefer?

Hp Compaq nc6000 and Dell Inspiron 1110(6 cell)? P.S u can also suggest some other Laptop having the same payment range as the later of the two mentioned above… thankyou very much in advance!
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